Online Dating Tips You Need to Succeed

Online dating is almost like dating someone in real life. Imagine you meet a person for the first time and he or she is nothing but an open book.

Online Dating Tips

The Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that followed have changed our lives in many ways. From our personal life to the professional front, these changes are impossible not to accept. Whatever the situation might be, we are trying to live with it, if not make the best out of it.

While the problems in our professional lives are being widely discussed and accepted, somehow those disturbing the balance in our personal life seem to have missed many’s attention.

One such area that perhaps remain unaddressed is the dating life of people. With restaurants, malls, movie halls and other places of romantic getaways keeping their doors closed following government orders, those looking for a little romance, candlelight dinners and catching a movie together have no other options but to sulk at home.

Does this mean dating someone is out of bounds now? No. According to an online extramarital affair website, their number of subscribers has increased during the lockdown.

This means more and more people are into online dating. So, the competition to catch someone’s attention online is quite high, right?

This is the right time to work on your online dating skills if you want to make an impression and succeed in this virtual world of romance. Here are some much-needed tips to help you achieve that.

The profile picture and bio

When you are on an online dating platform, the first thing that catches other users’ attention is your profile picture and your bio.

It is therefore very important to keep both real. Too much editing, putting a fake picture or a picture of your younger self is an absolute disaster.

A bio is what presents you as an ideal candidate. Therefore you have to be very smart, avoid cliche, and lies while describing yourself.

If needed choose a profile picture and write a bio before uploading it online and ask a friend, preferably one from the opposite sex, to give his or her view. You will then get an idea how it will work online.

Online Dating Tips

Maintain an air mystery

Online dating is almost like dating someone in real life. Imagine you meet a person for the first time and he or she is nothing but an open book.

Now compare it with a date who likes to maintain an aura of mystery. Doesn’t the latter sound more interesting and promising?

The same is the case with online dating. Instead of letting the person know everything about you on the first online date itself, you should keep something for the next meetings.

The other person should be curious to know what’s next. That is how one date will progress to another.

Avoid making sexual jokes or innuendos

In case you have used online dating platforms earlier, you would not be surprised to find how common it is for people to use such platforms to make sexual requests.

This is an absolute no-no. Refrain from making sexual jokes and innuendos and of the other person does the same, ask him or her politely not to do so again.

Don’t be too dramatic or too reserved

Now, some people end up being too dramatic or too reserved when they are on an online date. We can understand why they behave so.

First, it’s not easy for someone to depend on a phone or a laptop to find romance. Therefore, they freeze and end up acting and talking funny. The best way to avoid that is by letting the other person lead the conversation.

That would spare you from the trouble of finding a topic. But this does not mean that you would totally embrace a vow of silence.

Try to express your opinion and views without being too forceful or dramatic. Keep the tone of your voice normal and the conversation light.