Ultimate Guide To Office Yoga [Infographic]

The Ultimate Guide To Office Yoga – And How To Do It Without Your Colleagues Thinking You’re Weird

Office Yoga

Ultimate Guide To Office Yoga

It’s a modern-day epidemic that is sweeping the world, costing billions of dollars a year and apparently killing more people than smoking. No, it’s not some new strain of the infectious disease, but merely sitting down too much.

Many of us have desk jobs that involved us sitting down for too long each day, and then plenty of us go home and sit down in front of the TV as well. This sedentary lifestyle is having severe effects on our health, with increased risk of diabetes, heart problems, and even death. So what can we do about it?

Recent research in the Lancet has suggested that an hour of light exercise a day is enough to combat this risk. This infographic from JFK Binding focuses on one way we can help stay active at work – office yoga. It lists nine easy-to-do exercises, but handily also gives you an excuse to tell your colleagues so they don’t think you’re crazy when you start stretching!

It also takes a look at the general benefits of yoga, such as improved flexibility and better posture, as well as some other ways we can stay active at work. Finally, it takes a look at how some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Google and Twitter, help to keep their employees active at work.

Office Yoga